Over 30 years

My Journey as a Technical Writer!

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I specialize in many types of writing ranging from short articles to complete training manuals and everything in-between.

Show me a person with a passion for writing and I'll show you a person with an interesting past.

Debbie - Technical writer

my Vision

As a writer my vision is to write high quality and engaging teaching, learning and assessment resources that inspire exercise professionals to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.

As a movement instructor my vision is to deliver safe, effective and enjoyable holistic movement sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of those who participate, and which inspire people to find pleasure in movement and encourage them to move more often.

my Mission

As a writer my mission is to support organizations in the process of bringing their projects to life by providing technically accurate and well-researched and  written content.

As a movement instructor my mission is to inspire people to support their own physical and mental well-being by providing mindful and holistic movement sessions in a supportive environment.

What i do

my workload

Basically, I write, and I also teach holistic movement classes.

Most of my current day-to-day work is writing, research and development, and since writing is one of my passions; it happens that I get to do what I love most days!

To date, I have authored 13 books published with Bloomsbury Publishing. In addition, I have contributed to the writing and development of well over 60 other published training resources, including training manuals and eLearning resources.

As well as writing, I sometimes get asked to review resources and provide feedback on technical accuracy, structure and order of content and level of information.

I also teach a couple of a regular movement classes for a local leisure service and work with a very small personal training client base. I mainly work with older adults and those referred to exercise with health conditions.

Technical Writer

Why I do it

I am committed to my own lifelong learning and I love being able to share my knowledge and skills with others. Writing and teaching are two of my passions and they are also mediums which enable me to pass on some of my learning and help others to learn and grow. 


‘Teaching is learning’

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