Come in to your senses

The tools in this post encourage you to come in to your senses to bring your back to a mindful (not mind full state).

Tool 29. Come in to your senses

A beautiful way to bring yourself back to the present moment and create an inner feeling of warmth is to connect with your senses.


A starter activity that can help you come in to your senses is to take one minute for each of the following (that is five minutes in total).

Write a list of all the:

  • sounds you love (e.g., birds singing, the sound of the breeze, mantras or music).
  • smells you love (e.g., fresh grass, fresh coffee).
  • tastes you love (e.g., rice pudding)
  • tactile sensations you love (e.g., the sun or fresh sheets on your skin)
  • things you love to see (e.g., the sun, the beach)

Notice the changes you experience in your inner state when you focus on things you love. Remember, you can choose to step into this feeling at any time just by changing your focus – just come in to your senses and remember.

NB: I have listed a couple of examples of things i love, yours will be different.


Five senses

Source: Five senses. 

Tool 30. Mindful walking or gardening

Walking outdoors or gardening are brilliant ways of staying active. They are also great ways for engaging all the senses and a fabulous stress-relief. Come in to your senses indeed.

This activity is an absolute favourite of mine! It brings my mind right back into the present moment (when i remember of course).


Next time you go for a walk or spend time in the garden, take some time to notice FIVE things you can:

  • see (e.g., colours, trees, flowers, birds etc)
  • hear (e.g., bird song, the breeze, leaves rustling etc)
  • smell (e.g., lavender, roses, fresh cut grass, rain on the soil etc)
  • feel (e.g, the breeze, the sun, the clothes touching your body).

I usually spend five minutes focusing on each of these.

Mindful walking



Some other ideas for mindful walking based on the ideas of Jon Kabat-Zinn are available here.




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