Grounding and protecting your energy

This post will look at grounding and protecting your energy!

Tool 31: Grounding and protecting your energy.

Grounding and being grounded is feeling connected and rooted to the earth, being down to earth and having your feet firmly on the floor, like a strong oak tree that has weathered many storms but still stands strong.

Oak tree


An example of us not be being grounded is when we are flying around like a headless chicken or feeling stressed or chaotic. In this situations it is likely that we are not grounding and protecting our energy.

The ability to ground, connect with the earth, and protect our energy is essential. It helps to maintain inner balance, keeps us connected with our essence and can prevent depletion of our vital energy.

Activity: Visualisation for grounding and protecting your energy
  • Stand or sit in a comfortable position.
  • Place both feet solidly on the ground.
  • Maintain an upright posture.
  • Focus your minds eye on your feet and visualise roots sprouting a growing from across the soles of the feet and burrowing down into the earth.
  • Visualise the roots extending further and further down through all layers of the earth, right to the central core of the earth.
  • Once the roots are at the core, imagine them connecting with the earths energy.
  • Draw that energy upwards through all the roots to the soles of the feet and then continue to draw the energy upwards through the body to the heart centre. Allow the energy to settle and flow here.
  • Next visualise a white light of pure energy above the crown of the head.
  • Draw a strand of the that light energy down through the crown and allow it flow down through the head, neck and upper back, drawing the light down to the heart centre.
  • At the heart centre, visualise both energies merging and blending together and flowing all around the body, cleansing and purifying every cell.
  • Picture the energy flowing outwards through every cell of the body, surrounding the body and creating layers of protection.
  • Imagine the energy extending to approximately arms length in front of you, behind you, above you and below you.
  • Once the energy is extended and surrounding you, visualise a protective seal to keep this energy in tact. The protective seal may be solid, liquid or gas, just allow the image of whatever protection that feels right for you to appear. Feel this seal protecting your energy.
Crystals for grounding:

As some of you may know I love crystals. Now whether they have any magical properties on not, I cannot guarantee. I know some people who would argue vehemently that they do and others who would argue vehemently that they don’t. Myself, I am somewhere in the middle; i personally like having crystals around me.

There are a quite a few fabulous crystals that I use for grounding and protecting my energy . I usually carry a pebble or two in my trouser pockets J

Some that I choose include:

  • Smoky quartz – grounding and offers a shield against negativity
  • Black tourmaline – grounding and creates a strong boundary; excellent for gridding around the house and can be balanced with red jasper.
  • Black obsidian – grounding and protection; energy shield.
  • Pyrite – grounding with a fiery energy to burn through blocks
  • Hematite – like a magnetic anchor 
Other ideas for grounding:
  • Lying down on the floor (as close to the ground as you can get)
  • Exercise
  • Walking
  • Movement
  • Being outside in nature
  • Slow, deep breathing
  • Tapping the body (not to hard)
  • Stomping the ground with the feet

Tool 32: Invisible energy shield

There are some situations where you may be conscious of your energy being drained. This may be due to being in the presence of people who are giving off negative energy, so it is essential to build a protection.


Visualise yourself as being surrounded by an invisible shield – like a ‘fly zapper’ that literally zaps any negative energy and prevents it from entering your personal energy zone.


  • Make a list of situations where you may need to visualise this energy shield and remember to use it.
Crystal tip:

If i am travelling outside or in situations where i know my energy may be zapped, i will wear a crystal pendant that covers the heart chakra (located at the heart) or higher heart chakra (located slightly higher than the heart).

Tool 33: Aura cleanse and sweep

In Yoga and other eastern traditions, there is belief that the physical body is surrounded by different layers or energy bodies, which in the West is often described as the aura. Much like the physical body, these layers can pick up negative energies.

Activities: Clearing and cleansing the aura
  • One way of clearing and the energy around our body is to use a selenite crystal wand and sweep this around the body a few times with the intention to remove any stagnant energy that may be in the energy field.
  • An alternative way of clearing energy in the aura is to clap the hands around the body and through the different energy body layers or use a percussion musical instrument (maybe chime bells or a singing bowl).

Make sure you surround the whole body, from:

  • bottom to top
  • side to side
  • back to front
  • close and further away.

Grounding and protecting our energy is an essential resource.

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