Resource and re-source

Resource and re-source.

A resource is anything that we can use and draw upon to support our functioning and well-being.  The resources we have available are a way of re-sourcing our energy. So, resource and re-source.

Tool 26.  Support systems to resource and re-source.

We need resources for all sorts of things; for some courage and encouragement in times of stress and also at times when we want to make things happen, including making changes to our lifestyle (I will discuss this further in a later post). The bottom line is – we need resources! Resources can be inner resources (e.g., our courage, resilience, or self-esteem) or external (e.g., finances, work, friends, family, health etc.)

Sometimes, we need extra help for support and/or to make changes in our life. Asking for help when we need it is a strength. There are lots of professional support systems to support making changes to different aspects of lifestyle.

These include:

  • Smoking cessation – to help with quitting smoking
  • Dieticians – to help with eating more healthily
  • Alcohol support – to help support drinking sensibly
  • Personal trainers – to help with fitness and exercise goals
  • Counsellors – to help listen and support various life challenges
  • Lifestyle coaches – to help and support working towards specific lifestyle goals
  • Books – there are numerous self-help books that can provide support, inspiration, and guidance on a range of topics, including self-esteem and assertiveness and managing stress.
  • Financial services – to help manage finances
  • Make a list of the resources you have and the people in your life who offer support or who could be asked to offer support. Family and friends can sometimes be used to provide support and motivation. If you are looking to make a specific change in your life (e.g. start exercising and being more active), maybe there is someone you know who wants to make a similar change, who can be used as buddy?
  • Sometimes (and in some situations) we may feel we lack resources. In these circumstances, calling on a ‘higher power’ according to our belief system may help. This may be a deity, angel, god, goddess or universal power; whatever helps offer strength is valuable.
Remember – Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness!

Asking for help

Tool 27 – Free up yourself – the inner child

The ‘inner child’ within us all really likes to play.

As adults we can often lose connection with our ‘inner child’ – we ‘grow up’ and can lose our sense of fun and adventure (and imagination and creativity). Play is one way we can resource and re-source.


Make a list of the things you love to do or the things you used to love to do when you were a child (for example, I used to love dressing up in my cousin’s pantomime costumes ).

  • How many of these things do you still do?
  • Are there any that you would you like to do again?
  • What stops you?
  • Now think, how could you play more in your life? (for example, dancing, singing, drawing etc.)
Crystal tip:

For those of you that like crystals.

There are different crystals that can support the energy of the inner child. Orange calcite is a crystal to support play, joy, and spontaneity. Alternatively, if you have an inner child aspect that needs some healing and tender loving care, you may choose rhodochrosite or rhodonite as supporting crystals. If in doubt, rose quartz is always a wonderful supporter.

Rhodochrosite crystals

Resource and resource using crystals: 

Tool 28 – Quiet time

Sometimes it is can be invaluable to take a few moments out of the ‘busyness’ and make time to quieten your mind and find the peaceful place inside. Learning to quieten and tame the mind is another way we can resource and re-source.

That said, the mind likes to think and all sorts of chit chat may present. This can create a fog and prevent us from seeing clearly.

The first time you sit quietly, the mind will usually wander onto all sorts of subjects. Just be aware. Let the thoughts pass. Visualise a filing cabinet at the side of your mind to file the thoughts and return your mind to centre stillness. Be still.

You can use objects to focus the mind.

  • Concentrating on your breathing
  • Gazing at, and focusing on a candle, a crystal, a photograph or painting or other object you find beautiful.
  • Slowly, chanting or reciting a mantra; this can be a single word that resonates with you, e.g. peace, peace, peace or love, love, love.
  • Playing a singing bowl or another musical instrument (Ocean drums make a beautiful sound)
  • Holding a crystal
  • Take 5 minutes just to sit and be quiet, see what happens.
  • You can use an object as a focus point if you wish.
  • Once the time has finished make a note of anything that popped into your mind.
  • Just notice and be curious.

Candle gazingResource and re-source using candle Meditation: 

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