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Aqua Choreography

This a practical and experiential learning workshop, that explores a range of tools that can be applied to spice up existing choreography and create a new exercise in water routine.

Exploring the Inner Space

This is an experiential workshop for women interested in exploring the inner territory of the female psyche and ‘soul’ using embodied movement, myth or story enactment, sound, play, archetypes and a sprinkle of crystals, chakras, oracle cards and fairy dust 

Introduction to working with crystals for self-healing

Working with crystals for self-healing is an experiential learning day, focused on self-nurturing and self-exploration, using the energy of crystals to support the personal healing journey.

Mind, Mood and Meditation

This an experiential learning day to explore the mind and thinking patterns and practice a range of mindfulness techniques to support self-care.

Self-experience and personal uplift day

This a practical self-care day, where you will practice a range of somatic techniques to support the management of stress and anxiety and assist personal healing.

Soul stretch

This a practical masterclass integrating gentle, dynamic, range of motion stretching and mobility exercises, tai-chi based movements and mindfulness techniques to connect with the moving body and inner essence.

Connecting to the Inner you and your Life Force.

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