The book became a blog

In early 2016 I started writing a self-help style book, which for many reasons I never published. In 2020, the book became a blog.

I started writing the ‘book’ because i wanted to share some self-care tools that I had discovered through various reading, teaching, and learning. However, the ‘book’ which i chose to title ‘101 Ways of Loving Kindness. A starter toolkit for self-reflection, discovery, and healing’ sat on my desk top! Time passed and other things took over as they often do, but every now and again, I would take another look and add another tool or resource. By the middle of 2019,  I had drafted 101 ideas and sent the book to a few friends to proof, read and comment and they shared some valuable feedback. So, I would like to say ‘thank you’ here to Ben Jones, Jackie Rossa, Dannie Fugler, Anna Pennington, Fiona Winter and my partner Joe!

It was on 31-10-2020 – Halloween/Samhain, that I decided to share the ideas written as a ‘blog’ (not a book) – hence the heading ‘The book became a blog’. So, what follows through this blog will be the content of the book.

I am sure most of us would agree, 2020 has been a year of a challenge, to say the least! My description is ‘unexpected, unknown, and uncertain times’. So maybe, some of the ideas I share will be useful as we navigate our way through these times?

Loving kindness



There is a saying that we often ‘teach that which we most need to learn’. For me, this is true. Offering loving kindness to my whole self is quite possibly my lifelong learning lesson, and maybe it is challenging for everyone?

The ideas and tools that I share in this blog are those that have helped me to learn to be kinder to myself – mind, body and spirit.  My belief is that we all have a ‘healer’ within us; sometimes, all we need is a torch or light to shine the way to begin the process of self-healing. I also believe as we heal ourselves, we heal others and contribute to wider healing.

So, I am sharing my ideas now with loving kindness and the hope that they may shine a light for whoever reads them. With loving kindness from me to you and wishing you all good things on your journey.

Debbie x

How to use the ideas shared.

There are no rules. Just look and see if any of the tools/ideas presented resonate. You can use any of the techniques that you feel drawn to and which feel right for you. In the next post, I recommend keeping a journal (see tool 4).

What I will say, is if any of the techniques unearth any thoughts or feelings you feel uncomfortable to work with, then please seek the support of close friend or maybe even a professional helper (e.g., a counsellor). Life sometimes offers ‘challenges’ that are always best supported with the help of an empathetic professional.

PS, I quite like crystals; so, you will see in a few places, that I suggest crystal energy support. Please feel free to ‘pass’ on these suggestions as I know this is not everyone’s thing. For those who do like crystals, you can feel free to choose your own.

What I would add, is If you do choose to work with any of the crystal suggestions:

  • Set the intention for the crystal to support and work with you.
  • Remember to cleanse them regularly. If they feel sticky wash them under cold running water.
  • To give the crystals a recharge place them on a windowsill or outside on a very sunny day or under the light of a full moon.

So here goes with the tools….

Tool 1: The gift of a verse

I often find inspiration in words, positive quotes and the like, so here I am sharing a verse from a book called ‘You Can’t Afford the Luxury of Negative thought – Rogers and Williams (1990). I hope you like it too.

‘Because I am the only person, I will have a relationship with all my life,

I choose to:

love myself the way I am now

always acknowledge that I am enough just the way I am

love, honour and cherish myself.

be my own best friend.

be the person I would like to spend the rest of my life with.

always take care of myself so that I can take care of others.

always grow, develop and share my love and life’.

Author unknown.

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